Hide Gynecomastia With Shapewear

One of the easiest and fastest ways that you can help to alleviate the problems that are associated with having gynecomastia is to hide your man boobs! Hiding your gynecomastia is actually really easy and it is much cheaper than surgery and is definitely a temporary fix. With that said, I cannot describe the immense feeling of calm and happiness that I had the first time I wore a Sculptees undershirt and then put on a shirt over it. It looked like I didn’t have any breasts at all! The anxiety of always adjusting my clothes and trying to slouch my shoulders to try and hide the fact that I have gynecomastia and hoping that people don’t notice my man boobs was gone. The day that I first put on a Sculptee my life was changed forever. It was the best investment I ever made because the change was instantaneous and overwhelming. Sculptees makes a bunch of different pieces of men’s shapewear depending on the type of garmet you want to wear and the compression you need. For me, I have a more severe case of gynecomastia so I typically wear the Sculptees Slim Tank 1000 but I also own a bunch of their t-shirts as well for when I am wearing something that needs a t-shirt underneath.

Sculptees Slim Tank Top Sculptees Slim Tank 1000

The Sculptees slim tank top is the piece of shapewear that I wear the vast majority of the time. As someone who needs to wear dress shirts to work, this works perfectly. Additionally, this is also the piece of shapewear that provides the most compression. If you are a man whose gynecomastia is moderate to severe or if you are just looking for a slimmer more toned look, this is the best choice. This was the very first piece of shapewear that I bought and I the first one that I bought over 3 years ago I still wear today and it provides the same amount of compression that it did the day I bought it. On a side note, I would recommend the t-shirt if you tend to wear t-shirts, polos, or other non button-down shirts as this does not look quite as good with those types of shirts.

Sculptees T-ShirtSculptees T-Slim T-Shirt 2103

The Sculptees t-shirt is the other piece of shapewear that I wear with regularity. Typically, this is what I wear during the summer or when I am walking around in one of my many polo shirts. I find that the tank top doesn’t look as good underneath a t-shirt as the full undershirt so I choose to wear this instead. The compression is not quite as strong as the tank top but you can fix that by wearing a smaller size if you truly need greater compression. Between this and the tank top, I am wearing one of these every single day.

These are rather expensive. I remember when I bought my first tank top from them almost 3 years ago and I was definitely what you would call skeptical about whether or not it would work. Today, I own 14 different pieces. I look at these as an investment in my appearance and peace of mind that you really can’t put a price on. You know how much your self confidence suffers when you have gyno and if you can alleviate that for 50-100 bucks, I have found that to be well worth it. I still wear my original tank top and have not noticed any stretching or wear and tear so I have been pleasantly surprised with the durability. I’ve tried some of the other cheaper brands and, to be honest, I’m not nearly as thrilled. They get the job done but they’re not as comfortable and they are definitely not as durable.

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