Hide Your Man Boobs

If you have man boobs, also known as gynecomastia, it is almost certain that you are trying to hide it. Trying to hide your man boobs can be a challenge. Wearing extra layers of clothing, adjusting the appearance of your clothes, trying to wear tight undershirts, or any host of other at home methods that you can possibly come up with. Luckily, there are actually a number of things that have been made for men to help with the problem. There is a type of undergarment called shape wear. Shapewear is underwear that is used to hide your problem areas by compressing them into your body. It hides love handles, the stomach, and it can hide man boobs.

Shape wear is made of a mix of materials and it is knit in such a way that it is very stretchy. You can get shape wear from a number of companies in a number of different styles. Typically, the most popular are the tank top or the undershirt. These look just like any other undershirt that you would wear under your clothing from day to day and no one will notice that it is there. They will, however, notice your more slim and streamlined appearance. I wear a Sculptee every single day and you can see what I wear to hide gynecomastia.

Depending on the severity of your gynecomastia, you may need a tighter fitting garment to hide your man boobs. The shape wear comes in a number of different compression levels so if your gynecomastia is prominent, you can get one that is tighter so help flatten things out more. The most popular company for men’s shape wear is definitely Sculptees. Some people will just wear the Sculptee with nothing over it but I do not recommend this.

For me, I like to wear a dress shirt over it. Because you are supposed to wear an undershirt under a dress shirt, it looks perfectly normal. Not to mention, I happen to like the slightly classier look. I can honestly say that the difference between wearing a shirt with a sculptee underneath and just wearing a shirt is quite noticeable. You literally feel the shame disappearing and you will never wonder whether or not people can see your man boobs.

You can do more than just hide your man boobs though. Hopefully, once you have them completely hidden, you can start to work on getting rid of them either through exercise in many cases or through surgery. There are many good gynecomastia exercises that you can do to help reduce or eliminate man boobs so start fixing the problem!

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